Neutral, Real-time, Compliant Cross-border Settlement for forward-looking enterprises

For consumer-facing enterprises, EMQ’s cross-border settlement platform seamlessly integrates with the internal systems of the business, which enables them to focus on the needs of their customers, for frictionless and real-time cross-border transactions with family and friends.

Our secure solution also guarantees compliance with all domestic and international regulations.


We teamed up with Tencent’s WeChat Pay HK to offer cross-border remittances across Southeast Asia

Features & Highlights

Immediate access to the most diverse markets cross-border payments and remittance partners across Asia

Extensive global network reach from developed and emerging markets in the US, Europe, Middle East & Asia

Access to strategic tier-1 partners across industries such as banking, payments and technology

Simple and transparent pricing that offers competitive foreign exchange rates

Efficient payments handling in a wide range of currencies through our in-house treasury services

Seamless integration and customizable application programming interface

Greater protection through our smart compliance solution and PCI-DSS-certified security protocols

International payments expertise that ensures all payments meet due diligence and screening requirements across all relevant jurisdictions

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