A Neutral Network Enabling Seamless Cross-Border Remittances

We operate a global financial settlement network that spans across Asia Pacific, Africa, North America and Europe, reaching over 80 key markets worldwide.


With compliance at the heart of EMQ’s DNA, our network has been built from a compliance perspective, actively working with our banks, payment partners, and regulators to bring technology and innovation into the regulatory aspects of our business.

Our neutral network is built to facilitate a seamless, real-time and cost-effective cross-border settlement for businesses to succeed in the digital economy. The importance of neutrality lies in the fact that our settlement network is completely independent and does not compete with our front-end/app-based customer-facing partners.


EMQ’s flexible network infrastructure allows us to offer an enterprise-class turnkey solution that can be deployed across multiple vertical industries for a broad range of services, while adhering to complex regulations and compliance standards in different markets.

Consumer-Facing Enterprises
Enterprise Settlement

” We provide a neutral, cross-border settlement network that enables customers to run an efficient front-end business while navigating complex regulatory environments in Asia and beyond. “

Co-founder & CEO
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