EMQ Connect API

A single integration for any cross-border transactions

Our API-powered platform makes it easy for you to manage any cross-border transactions and embed financial service into your product offerings.

This creates new opportunities to engage with your customers and allows you to get to market quickly with a wide breadth of functionality.

With one single integration, we offer a simple, streamlined and automated user experience. We connect your global business from where you are to wherever you need to be.

Simple integration

  • Simple and flexible data messaging model
  • Multiple markets and millions of endpoints available in a single integration
  • Two simple API calls to get business started

24/7 Global support

  • Process transfers in real-time
  • Access to competitive real-time FX rates
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting

High availability

  • Platform availability 99.9%
  • Powered by cloud infrastructure, across multiple availability zones
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Self-healing infrastructure components with auto-failover


  • Remove manual processing overheads
  • Automate reconciliation and back office processes


  • Industry standard data encryption
  • PCI DSS certified
  • Intrusion detection and vulnerability management automation

Time to Market

  • Regular feature releases with no downtime to customers
  • Automated testing and QA

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