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Enterprise customers can directly transfer a maximum of JPY30 million to all local banks in Japan

EMQ continues to ramp up our payment capabilities with the launch of  high transaction value cross-border payments to Japan. This enables customers to send a maximum of JPY30 million bank transfer to their Japan-based business partners and recipients with increased certainty, efficiency and transparency across our expansive global payments network.

Already live in Japan, the expanded payout capabilities allow EMQ to streamline and process international payments for businesses anywhere in the world through one single integration with EMQ Connect API. Our API-powered solutions provide a unified and globally consistent platform for integration and automation across multiple markets, which allows our customers to focus on growing their business without the need to manage complex network infrastructure.

Benefits to our customers:

EMQ Connect API

Single access point connecting you across multiple markets and millions of endpoints.

Trusted Payments Network

Flexible payments infrastructure that drives speed, certainty, transparency and efficiency – vital requirements for your cross-border business.

Scale at Speed

Put EMQ at the core of your business and go live with two simple API calls.

EMQ’s real-time payments capabilities span across Europe, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Philippines, the United Kingdom, and 19 markets in Africa, with expansion underway in the United States, Canada and Latin America. We are currently licensed in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and registered as a Money Service Business in Canada.

At EMQ, we understand reliable and efficient global payments are key to success for any cross-border business. Talk to our payment experts today and fast track your business globally.