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Simplifying cross-border payment complexities for enterprises

Indonesia is home to many up-and-coming unicorn start-ups in Southeast Asia. The country’s internet economy is expanding exponentially, growing at a pace of 40% annually according to the 2019 e-Conomy study.

The growth is significantly due to the thriving e-commerce, ride-hailing sectors driven by the rise of young generation technophiles. As the 21st-century digital era holds great promise for growth, several homegrown enterprises such as Gojek have been tapping into other cross-border opportunities in the region.

As these next-generation businesses venture into new markets, meeting multiple compliance requirements can be a key barrier to entry. Therefore, it is crucial to partner with a licensed network provider to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and conduct efficient and compliant end-to-end cross-border payments.

Working with a licensed operator like EMQ, also provides businesses such as e-commerce, payment service providers and SMEs in Indonesia, with fully compliant access to and from over 80 key global markets as well as millions of endpoints across mobile wallets, banks accounts, cash pick-up services, and debit cards.


A single, simple integration

Powered by EMQ’s tech-enabled financial settlement network and a single API integration, businesses can seamlessly expand their reach and further improve their payment capabilities with greater speed, certainty, and increased flexibility.

The company’s scalable API driven platform improves operating efficiencies by increasing automation. In addition, the high availability is designed to meet the needs of businesses with high transaction volumes, enabling them to streamline their workflows for a seamless user experience.

EMQ has consistently pursued operational excellence and enhanced its network capabilities across global markets, supporting its customers and partners with superior product experiences.

Our next “Insights” will explore how global enterprises can work with EMQ to expand into Indonesia’s vibrant economy.