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Uncovering the EMQ advantage for your global business expansion

Indonesia is rapidly becoming a favorite for foreign businesses and investors. As such it is no surprise that many international enterprises have flocked to invest in thousands of projects in the country to the tune of US$29.3 billion. Much of this attraction is spearheaded due to the multiple opportunities presented by a growing digitally savvy population.

The fourth most populous country in the world has a diverse demographic of young generation of technophiles who prefer mobile payments and those who prefer traditional means of remittances. While the country has abooming internet economy, digital penetration in the population remains relatively low, presenting a golden opportunity for businesses looking to venture across borders.

To capitalize on this, it is beneficial for businesses to work with one single global player like EMQ, which provides them with end-to-end compliant network infrastructure with strong local footprints across multiple payment options and geographies.

With a Money Transfer Operator License from Bank Indonesia and an extensive last-mile delivery footprint, EMQ can aptly cater to the diverse needs of global businesses, enabling them to seamlessly expand their reach, optimize their payment capabilities and create a differentiated customer experience across Indonesia.

Partnering with EMQ to boost your business

EMQ currently has the largest and most popular network of e-wallets, bank accounts, cash-pick up services and much more. Global businesses can send money directly into Indonesia – reaching millions of endpoints.

EMQ Connect API:
EMQ API Connect empowers businesses to improve their customer experience and operating efficiencies by increasing automation. This platform with built-in redundancies is designed to meet the needs of businesses with high transaction volumes, enabling them to customize their workflows.

Greater Speed, Transparency, Certainty:

  • Speed:  Leveraging its strong network of local partners, EMQ significantly streamlines the cross-border payment process. This enables our customers to send funds multiple times faster than legacy systems.
  • Transparency: EMQ’s solutions lead the market in transparency by making the cross-border payment process less opaque with greater clarity to fees, foreign exchange, and easy payment tracking services.
  • Certainty: Our global network provides our partners and customers with certainty on guaranteed delivery amount and credit confirmations.

EMQ is laser-focused in delivering a network infrastructure that complies with regulatory requirements and eliminates the friction associated with payment pain points. This allows global businesses to reach new markets like Indonesia faster.